InfoSec Decoded offers security trainings with hands-on, real world and job-relevant exercises that gets you to the next level in your career. We are your guides through the cyber security landscape by offering customizable trainings with clear objectives and pathways that lead to industry recognized professions. We incorporate the latest industry trends in our educational and innovative learning platform to you and your company.


What we offer

Continuous Learning

Large selection of security trainings that span across various topics including computer forensics, ethical hacking, network defense, exploit development and more. We also offer introductory courses to industry-wide certifications such as the CISSP and OSCP.


We offer live and pre-recorded trainings that are accessible through the browser. Our workshops includes hands-on projects that are relevant to the profession.

CTFs and Competitions

Experience live cyber security competitions in a group setting and put your training to the test. Work in teams or individually to solve exercises that test your skills and learning.

Career Tracks

Align professional growth and roles with tailored security trainings that are designed to give you career mobility and increase work performance.


Track competency and progress to empower security professionals to reach the next level. Use the platform for career growth and improvement.



InfoSec Decoded allows beginners, experts and cyber security enthusiasts at all skill levels to grow and improve themselves for a professional career in the industry.


We offer a streamlined and innovative approach when building a security culture in your company. We begin by focusing on your security team and eventually expand security awareness to the rest of the organization. Recommended for a company of less than 500 people.


Businesses with more than 500 employees and who want to take their company's security program to the next level. Contact us to discuss solutions that goes beyond training. We can bring in security consultants who can provide professional security services.

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